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Frequently Asked Questions

Church in a Box Online - FAQ

What runs Church in a Box Online?

This is an initiative of Geneva Push, an Australian church planting network. Our goals are to help recruit, assess and strengthen church planters as they get things started; and to work with existing networks, churches, and denominations around the country to reach Australia for the gospel. Find out more on our main website herewhat we believe and what we're doing.

Who contributes these resources?

All resources on this site are created and contributed by churches connected to the Geneva Push network in some way. The beauty of a network is in leveraging the gifts and skills from a broader pool than just our local church, and continually improving and sharpening what we do.  We expect that all the resources will continue to evolve over time.  We (and the churches) make every effort to ensure no copyright is breached, but if you think there's a problem, please contact us.

Why not just give it away for free?

Because the worker is worth their wage.  Too often the creativity of churches stays within their local church, so we wanted to create a marketplace where these resources can easily be shared AND we can feedback with small financial compensations into the work of the local church and church planting.  Our aim isn't to make money, it's to make disciples of Jesus.

So who gets the profits?

As you'll see by the prices of most resources on this site, no-one's making a huge profit.  The profits for each resource sold are split between the contributing network church and the church planting work of Geneva Push.  We agree on the split before we start selling, and while it may vary from church to church, no matter what that split, it's all going back into the work of the Gospel.

What about copyright?

We want to encourage any church (and anyone in general!) to be working hard at recognising and adhering to copyright. For the resources on this site, we'll work with the churches before resources go up to ensure they either site their sources, remove (or use watermarked) purchased graphics that can't be resold.  But if you see a problem, contact us and we'll work through it.  It's important to us.

Can my church contribute?

The Church in a Box Marketplace is still in its infancy, and we're taking things one step at a time. So at this stage we're just going to work with a small pool of churches.  But sign up for our newsletter and we'll let you know what our next steps will be.

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