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Ministry Grid makes it simple to train every volunteer and leader in your church.

Let’s face it. Leaders and volunteers are the lifeblood of your ministry, but getting them all together to train is impossible. They’ve got jobs. Kids. School. And even if you make it work, different positions require different kinds of training. It’s tough. So tough that 3 out of 4 churches don’t have a plan to train and develop their leaders. Ministry Grid is here to change that.

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Local Aussie courses from experienced leaders.

Our courses are from Aussie church leaders who know your context of doing ministry in hard Australian soil. We’ve partnered with a range of ministry leaders to give you access to courses not available anywhere else. 

Built from the ground up, our training is designed by industry experts to help you learn, grow and develop. From preaching, support-raising, youth ministry, evangelism, coaching & more, we’re here to support your church’s training needs.


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Most Australian churches need more leaders. We’re not talking about hiring more staff. We’re talking about building and training more church members to become leaders of teams. We’re not talking about quickly appointing someone to a new role and then moving on to more pressing problems. We’re talking about a considered plan for developing the character, convictions and competencies required to serve and lead God’s people in God’s church.

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Not convinced? Why not check out our 3 month free trial that’s available not for a short time. Training in your church is more important than ever. That’s why we’re keen to help you trial the Ministry Grid platform and see how it fits easily into your plans to train and grow as a church. 

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Develop leaders using the leadership pipeline framework.

Moving from ‘team member’ to ‘team leader’ involves a change in time allocation, skills and values. Another change is required when moving from ‘team leader’ to ‘ministry department leader’ or ‘leader of leaders’. The leadership pipeline framework helps you to help your church members make these adjustments successfully.  

Leadership pipeline courses

  • Team Member: for integrating and onboarding new team members, and for continually training people to be the best team members they can be.
  • Team Leader: Dave Jensen helps your new team leaders adjust to the role, and existing team leaders to be the best team leaders they can be.
  • Ministry Department Leader: Dan Lee and Scott Curtis help your new ministry department leaders (or leaders of leaders) adjust to the role, and existing ministry department leaders to be the best ministry department leaders they can be.

Create your own local & private training just for your church.

One of the best things about Ministry Grid is that you can build your own training courses for your church teams.

Create your own training courses with these features: 

  • Manage multiple users and their invitations to take part in training across multiple ministry areas.
  • Completion tracking (see who has completed their assigned training)
  • Built mobile-first so your team can view it anywhere they have their mobile or tablet.
  • Highly customisable training – upload your own videos, text quizzes, PDFs, Word docs or links. 

Tap into the huge Australian library with heaps of courses from local church leaders.

Presenters include Al Stewart, Dave Jensen, Dan Lee, Scott Curtis, Alanna Glover, Pre Shunmugam, Andrew Hayes, Sandy Galea, Grahame Fuller, Rhett Harris, Cathie Heard, Derek Hanna, Tim Clemens, Amy Townsend, Tim and Elaine Purser.

Australian courses include 5 new courses for those involved in Sunday services (musicians, AV, MCs/service leaders, prayers, directors), small groups, leadership pipeline, mobilising for mission, community and integration, kids, youth, preaching and finance. 

Tap into the huge US library with 1000's of courses from worldwide leaders.

On top of the great local Aussie training that we’ve developed locally, when you buy a Ministry Grid subscription, you’ll be able to tap into the huge US library full of training from leaders across the globe. 

There are over 3,000 videos and 750 task lists from existing courses that you can use for your local purposes in your church. Learn from leaders such as Paul Tripp, Todd Adkins, Daniel Im, Derwin Gray, Steve Gladen, Jenni Catron, Danny Franks and many more.