EV Church - Central Coast

We’re a bunch of ordinary people who have been rescued by an extraordinary God. We believe that while our sin is a huge problem, God has an even bigger solution. Jesus came into our world to live a life on our behalf, die a death in our place and rise again from the grave to offer us a new life with him. This is the good news that has saved us, transformed us and swept us up into a whole new family (the church). At EV Church we are really keen to see coastal people come to know God through Jesus and be saved.

LIFE: look into the life of Jesus


LIFE is a 6 week course designed by EV Church, the main goal of which is to present the gospel in the expectation that this message is the instrument through which the Holy Spirit will bring to conversion those who do not know him, while strengthening those who do.

This package contains:

– LIFE Series Booklet for Attendees (PDF)
– LIFE Series Team Guide (PDF)
– LIFE Series talk outlines (PDF)
– LIFE logo (Adobe Photoshop)
– LIFE Slide 1920×1080 (JPG)
– LIFE Response card for attendees (PDF)
– LIFE Invite Business card sample and editable template (PDF and EPS)
– Links to the LIFE videos on youtube for use on the night.

Please note – if you work for an FIEC church, please contact EV directly to get a coupon code to significantly discount this resource.